Senior Manager | Digital Design + Innovation

In the last 12 months, I have worked closely with the head of digital and IT Transformation to identify new focus areas, develop new ways of working and incorporate new expertise to transform from the current state and generate future value for QSuper Members. To inform a successful digital transformation journey across an enterprise, I partner with IT and other Business Units at QSuper on their path to reinvent their core customer facing activities by innovating around the experiences they offer. This involves a fundamental re-imagining of how the organisation designs, operates and engages within their current competitive environment, customers, employees and partners.

By identifying digital transformational drivers, desired experiences and necessary accelerators, led efforts to define the vision and scope, the project approach, resourcing, research and solutioning by bringing in new methods, tools and building capability to establish a sustainable delivery cadence. In 6 months delivered the following:

  1. Established a design and innovation hub

  2. Built a team of 8 multidisciplinary practitioners in 6 months

  3. Delivered a successful experiences under budget in short sprints

  4. Regularly present to the C-Suite at QSuper

  5. Established a sustainable delivery cadence for innovating and delivering digital experiences

  6. Created a financial wellbeing platform for QSuper Fund Members with 2/8 initiatives delivered including digital advice and implementation for customers.



Customer Experience Lead
Digital Transformation Consumer Cards NAB

CX LEAD . Contract Role . Consumer Lending . National Australia Bank
Responsible for operationalising and enabling transformation within the credit card space using customer journey frameworks.


IBM Interactive Experience

Associate Design Director
Customer Experience Strategist

Associate Design Director within IBM’s Interactive Experience Practice. Customer Experience Strategist at Managing Consultant level within the wider IBM. Responsible for managing PoC projects across financial services and Manufacturing sectors. Managed and lead successful proposals for smart cities, government and financial services projects. Heavily involved in managing a number of projects within the smart cities portfolio. Responsible for building service design and research capabilities within the practice.