Intelligent Service Design

Your customer’s perception is your reality,

Customer Experience Design

To differentiate your services and products in a saturated marketplace, you need to align customers’ perceptions with a positive service experience. More than ever, businesses need to be mindful of the evolution of their customer base. Not just the ones who are interacting with your services today, but your customers five, ten, twenty years from now. How can YOU evolve your service offerings to attract your future customers before your competitors do? Building capabilities in your business, to deliver a meaningful customer experience, is of paramount importance.

Starting with existing business competence, I create engaging customer experiences by using a reliable process of customer & stakeholder engagement, a unique approach that has a repeatable discovery and development process. I deliver service and product experiences that are strongly influenced by your customers’ evaluation process and brand experiences that meets their unspoken needs and wants. What sets me apart as a Business Ethnographer and Design Anthropologist, is my extensive experience working with analysts and executive teams to fine-tune business processes, along with strong capabilities in service design and customer experience mapping.


Contextual Research

Marketing that is targeted, segmented right and result-orientated. Reach the people who need your services.

Creating engaging customer experiences

Leveraging my expertise in Experience Design and Marketing with a strong focus on contextual research (to help uncover tacit knowledge), business ethnography (identifying human factors that directly affect your service delivery and business processes), experiential marketing (creating meaningful experiences and engaging touchpoints) and seeding trials (to increase the uptake of your services with precision), my approach is efficient, cost effective (when compared with traditional market research) and data-driven. I have a proven track record in generating insights, designing and marketing service experiences.

Design Anthropology Approach

My approach and training is led by a body of knowledge and practice referred to as Design Anthropology (service design, human centred research, customer & user experience and business ethnography). It blends the methods of design with the rigour of research from social sciences about the human factor. It is a burgeoning field and gaining rapid ground in Australia. Leading international companies who employ design anthropology practice include the Mayo Clinic, Xerox, IBM, and Intel. One of the leading practitioners of Design Anthropology is Genevieve Bell.

Recently featured on CIO of the Future, by Alistair Lloyd, I shared my insights on the role of Design Anthropology in Business. The article was subsequently broadcast by VMware. You can read the full article here.

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