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National Seniors Australia

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National Seniors was established by a group of visionary Queenslanders in 1976. Now, almost 40 years on, with over 200,000 members, 140 branches, and 70 employees, it is the consumer lobby for older Australians and the fourth largest organisation of its type in the world. Providing unrivalled access to policy-makers, a raft of commercial benefits, world-class research and top-notch publications, National Seniors is everything the over 50s need to navigate the second half of their lives. While the organisation stays true to its roots by giving older Australians – working and retired – a strong national voice, it also leads a new guard of seniors: the baby boomers who are already redefining what it means to grow old. 6.9 million Australians are now aged 50 years and over. They join National Seniors for a single voice and to be part of something bigger.

National Seniors digital presence provides a space for their dispersed membership to have access directly to research and other services provided by this membership based group.

National Seniors Australia

Given the successful implementation of the branding project at Southbank Institute of Technology, I was recommended to National Seniors Australia to undertake a collaborative project to help them solidify their marketing program.


Over a period of 7 months in 2010 I worked collaboratively with the organisation, their stakeholders and technology providers to recharge their marketing program. This resulted in a more targeted and personalised program which increased the organisations membership uptake and resonated strongly with existing members.

Service redesign

Leveraged expertise in design thinking, marketing and brand development to uncover insights about user behaviour to meet clients’ goals. Successfully designed and marketed service experiences that enabled clients to increase uptake, engage customers and improve their effectiveness and marketshare.

Contributions to the Project

Using Anthropological methods to complement existing market research I was able to map customer experience to facilitate a deeper understanding of the customer’s evaluation process, expectations, needs and desires. This was achieved by conducting customer experience audits, documenting user journeys, and the more traditional methods of interviewing and surveys which resulted in a comprehensive service redesign recommendations on delivering a consistent brand experience to National Senior’s management team. Although some of the recommendations were not deemed relevant by management at the time, I am happy to report that these recommendations were implemented by mid 2013.

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