Intelligent Service Design


Experience Architect

Over the course of my career, I have leveraged my expertise in design and marketing with a strong focus on contextual research to uncover insights about customer experience. This approach has enabled my projects to work seamlessly across a variety of media for local and international clients. With 15 years of experience spanning across government, education, tourism and consulting coupled with my training in design anthropology, I have the ability to translate cutting edge methods developed by academic experts in the fields of Design, Anthropology and Marketing to benefit my clients.


An Interdisciplinary Approach

It is increasingly critical to relate ideas and experiences from many different fields. The world is not neatly categorised and my experience and professional capabilities listed aim to illustrate the intersections of thinking and doing, that you will not find in a single book or pigeonholed by a search engine. Being situated at the forefront of my field in design anthropology, I have a strong sense of current trends and where new ideas, products and research merge.

While I am a strong proponent of getting the foundation of a project right and doing the necessary research before diving in, a key issue faced by many businesses is making the best use of the time available.

My experience allows me to respond efficiently and thoughtfully to situations, where there is a lack of resources to conduct extensive research. My work is about people and ideas meeting in creative ways. This is encapsulated by understanding the business priorities of your organisation and stakeholders to find the appropriate way of introducing new initiatives. Whether it‘s lack of money, time or understanding, or all of the above, sometimes great and the most innovative results are born of situations where research isn‘t even an option and these constraints abound.

Experience Overview


Over the last 15 years I have managed multiple projects simultaneously, dealing with strict deadlines in high-pressure settings. I am a high achieving individual with a strong sense of empathy and pride myself on my ability to build genuine rapport with clients, stakeholders and users. This has afforded me the opportunity to work independently for many organisations through word of mouth.

I have delivered workshops on innovation processes, marketing strategies and mapped customer experience (b2b & b2c) to facilitate a deep understanding of the customer‘s evaluation process, expectations, needs and desires. This has resulted in successful design of product and service experiences that have enabled my clients to increase uptake, engage their customers and improve their effectiveness in the market. Given my experience working with multidisciplinary teams I have developed strong skills to navigate organisational change and am proficient in applying and reworking required processes in this area.

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Design Anthropology

Master’s Degree
Swinburne University 2011-2012

Competed a research project which dealt with service design, organisational change, innovation process, experiential marketing and design thinking in service based organisations.

Communication Design

Graduate Diploma
Swinburne University 2009 – 2010

Further developed my expertise with methodologies on communications, marketing and sales strategies with a focus on multichannel advertising methods, design thinking and experiential marketing.


I am an avid swimmer and usually swim 2-3km a day. I have a keen interest in strategy, business processes, customer experience and the retail sector in particular, where romancing the customer is a key factor to success.


I am currently looking for new opportunities and can start a new role within 2 weeks.

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Focus Groups: 100%
Customer Experience Mapping: 80%
Ethnographic Research: 70%
Survey Design: 60%
Emergent Strategy Analysis: 100%


Brand Strategy: 100%
Experience Audit: 100%
Marketing Strategy: 85%
Competitor Analysis: 100%
Design Thinking: 100%

Service Design

Service Blueprint: 100%
Service Scenarios: 65%
Storyboards: 100%
Customer Participation Map: 100%
Service Simulation: 100%