Intelligent Service Design


  • “To approach experience, however, is not like approaching a house. ‘Life’, as the Russian proverb says, ‘is not a walk across an open field’. Experience is indivisible and continuous, at least within a single lifetime and perhaps over many lifetimes. I never have the impression that my experience is entirely my own, and it often seems to me that it precedes me. Experience folds upon itself, refers backwards and forwards to itself through the referents of hope and fear. And so the act of approaching a given moment of experience involves both a scrutiny (closeness) and the capacity to connect (distance). Finally, if one is fortunate, meaning is the fruit of this intimacy.” – John Berger

  • Design Anthropology’s contribution to Business

    By on February 18, 2013

    You may very well want to know why your customers make the decision to purchase your service or product….