Intelligent Service Design

Design Anthropology’s contribution to Business

You may very well want to know why your customers make the decision to purchase your service or product. And sure enough you and I both have relied on market researchers for their data and will continue to do so. The game changer is knowing the why! To know the why, we need to uncover leverage points that inspire people to do something different. To create that new path for your brand, my role is to discover ways that bring people on this journey. Ironically, the world of traditional market research relies heavily on the past: on retrospective narratives collected through focus groups, interviews and surveys. These retrospective accounts are limited in shining the proverbial light on the proactive triggers of emotional connection or new behaviours. Applying the methods of design and anthropology, I map the unfolding stories as your customers negotiate new experiences, struggle with choices, or go about their daily routine. Most organisations are not looking to transform the way their customers think radically, instead seeking an introduction to a new audience. An audience that is perhaps unfamiliar with your brand, its heritage and how it is different from others competitors. This is where you business would benefit from a customer experience audit and a collaborative approach so necessary steps are taken to reevaluate your service design process, helping your organisation to not only communicate existing offerings to an audience that is not familiar with your offerings, but improving it in the process.

Julie Cook is an Experience Architect who creates powerful and evidence based marketing strategies interwoven with compelling narratives to inspire, prod and influence your target audience. Her approach includes aligning your service delivery and business processes to support and deliver engaging customer experiences. She is trained in Design Anthropology and has lectured on Service Design, Research Methods in Design, Communications Strategy and Advertising in higher education.